Community Guidelines

Fostering a culture of curiosity and appreciation

Our purpose is to create meaningful connections, and community is at the center of it. We need your help to create a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for everyone.

We expect all community members to follow these guidelines. It means adhering to these guidelines while on Zhoola platform/website, social media or spaces, or traveling on one of the trips booked at Zhoola or interacting with community members including travelers, hosts, and guides.

Here are some basics:
  • Show kindness. Empathize with others and assume the best intent from others.
  • Show respect. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Be inclusive. Celebrate your uniqueness and welcome others to do the same.
  • Be specific and intentional. Communicate clearly.
  • Be responsible. Own up to your actions.
  • Avoid derogatory or unfriendly language.
  • Be aware of breaching these guidelines.
Here’s our zero-tolerance zone:
  • Privacy violations
    • Don’t share personal or personally identifiable information of any other person.
    • What's shared in the community should stay in the community. Don’t reshare personal stories shared with you in good faith.
    • You should always seek consent before sharing a photo or video of others.
  • Discrimination or trolling
    • No discrimination of any kind.
    • No posts or comments that may have malicious intent or instigate conflict.
  • Harassing or bullying
    • No harassment or bullying of any kind. This includes written or verbal harassment, hate speech, violence, sexual harassment, negative behaviors toward others based on their race, ethnicity, immigration status, religion, caste, body size or appearance, gender (please share your pronouns if you wish), sexual orientation, disability, or disease.
    • No malicious content, unverifiable or irrelevant reviews, content that is inappropriately biased, or information that is not helpful or could harm the mental, physical, and financial health and well-being of another person. Such content is subject to removal by Zhoola at its discretion.
    • No content that is disrespectful toward another community member.

  • Sexual or violent content
    • Don’t share overtly sexual or explicit material, which Zhoola may remove at its sole discretion.
    • No violent or overtly aggressive behavior is directed toward another person, no matter how such behavior is conveyed.
    • No vulgar language with malicious intent.
  • Commercial content
    • Don't share images or videos that aren't your own or could infringe any copyright in your posts, comments or profile photo. Content that is uploaded without the owner’s permission will be removed at the request of the copyright holder.
    • No content that promotes other businesses or brands without authorization or approval by Zhoola.
  • Spamming
    • we have a zero-tolerance policy towards posts or comments that have malicious software, spyware, viruses, unwarranted advertisement and self-promotion, or otherwise deliberately.
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